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Electronic Filing for 70+ case types is now available.

We look forward to providing electronic filing for additional new case filings and all remaining Civil existing case types in the coming months.

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eFiling Made Easy in Fairfax Circuit Court

File & ServeXpress is the exclusive electronic filing provider for Fairfax Circuit Court. FSX is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources that you need in order to use our application efficiently and effectively.

Please visit the Court’s website to view specific rules and orders, and follow @FFXCircuitCourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court.

Note: If you are filing a document type with an associate court fee in Fairfax Circuit Court, you are required to pay the court fee using the Court’s payment processing tool, CitePay. Visit our Using CitePay with FSX page for additional information.

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There is no charge to register or add users with File & ServeXpress. Fill out the intake form and have your login credentials sent directly to your inbox.


Attend a training webinar with one of our eFiling Experts, or request a live training session by reaching out to the FSX Training Team.


Access your FSX account dashboard.
Visit our Support Center or reach out to an eFiling specialist for help.

Training Resources

How To: Create An
FSX Account
Subsequent Filings
Video Guide
ON-DEMAND: FAIRFAX Service of Process
registration guide for
law firm users
Case Initiation Guide
Service of Process Guide
CITEPAY payment instructions
Available Case Types

Frequently Asked Questions

You must enter the exact and complete case number to find your case including the leading zeros in the case number.

Law firm users can file and serve in all existing cases.

See the full list of new and existing case types available for eFiling here.

We look forward to making eFiling and eService available for Self-Represented and Pro-Se filers in the future.

eFiling and eService will be available for the remaining case types in the near future. Registered FSX users in Fairfax, VA will be alerted via email when new case types are available for eFiling. You can also follow @ffxcircuitcourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court.

While electronic filing and service is not mandatory in the Fairfax Circuit Court, the Court encourages all filers to use electronic filing whenever possible.

eFiling and eService costs $8 per transaction ($5 to file, $3 to serve). This is a flat rate regardless of how many documents are filed or parties are involved.

The cost for turning on read status reports for eService documents is $2 per transaction. This is a flat rate per transaction.

The cost for eServing discovery material to opposing counsel is $3. This is a flat rate per transaction.

You may visit the Court’s website at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/circuit/ or follow @FFXCircuitCourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court. 

Yes, all Attorneys will need a File & Serve account to file your documents and to receive the filings in your cases. You can register your firm here.

File & ServeXpress stores all documents filed and served on its secure web-based application.

Please contact File & ServeXpress Client Support at 888-529-7587. Help is available 24/7.

The persons identified below may electronically file and serve documents once they have completed training, registered and agreed to terms and conditions:

  • Attorneys who are active members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar.
  • Eligible attorneys’ staff.

At this time, you will need to visit the Courthouse and work with the Clerk to reopen a closed divorce case.

The “client identifier” field is a required field on FSX. This is where you should enter the reference information you ise to keep track of costs incurred representing your client (the reference information you use when billing your time to a client.) The information you enter will appear on your invoice, and you may enter any characters found on your keyboard (alpha, numeric, or special.)

In the event you have a firm with multiple attorneys permitted access to the Firm’s case, you might not be listed as the lead counsel (or counsel of record) on that particular case, in FSX.  In that event, you can add yourself as lead counsel, and proceed with the transaction.

If you are not listed in the Authorizing Attorney section of your filing, you are not setup correctly in FSX.  Your firm’s FSX Administrator should make sure you are coded as an attorney with a Bar number in your profile.  If you are setup as an attorney, you may need to file an appearance (which you can do on FSX).  Please contact FSX at 888-529-7587 if you need further assistance in such a situation.

If you have a Court Order, or if the case is a case-type that earns confidential status by the Code of Virginia, you have legal authority to designate the case as “sealed” in the ACCESS field. 

To mark a document as “SEALED”, you should select the “sealed, electronic” option under the Access section for each document you add to your filing.  The case cannot be designated as “sealed” on FSX, but each document can be “sealed”.

Any eFiler who discovers they submitted their document without the proper SEAL designation should promptly contact the Court at (703) 246-4111. 

Yes, FSX allows you to opt-in to our read receipt function, which lets you know when opposing counsel has received and viewed your document.

This optional service is $2 per transaction.

At this time, you cannot eFile a Counterclaim. 

You should file your Friday motion and corresponding document as two separate documents in one transaction so that both documents are file stamped.

See our Service of Process guide for instructions on how to request Sheriff, Private, or Notary service for your transaction. 

Attach a cover letter with specific direction of what pleading to serve, who to serve, and where to serve. 

You can see an example of a cover letter here. 

On the Documents tab, upload your letter using the document type “Service Request”, and designate it as the main document.

Then, upload the document you would like served (e.g. Complaint, etc.) and designate it as a supporting document.

Remember to complete the Delivery Options section on the Review & Submit tab and select the supporting document to be served. 

Use standard indexing. Punctuation and all caps is not necessary. 

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