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Hundreds of filings, one transaction.

The standard eFiling workflow doesn’t cut it when you have dozens or hundreds of filings to complete simultaneously.

With File & ServeXpress, you don’t need to file manually for each case. We offer custom software solutions and concierge batch filing so that you can file cases efficiently, no matter the amount.

Reach out to one of our eFiling & eService experts and let us help you today. 

Concierge Batch eFiling and eService

Only need batch filing on occasion? Don’t want custom software for a process you only do once or a few times a year?

With Concierge Batch Services, our eFiling experts will do the work for you. Simply get in touch with our support team and let us handle the rest. 

Verifiable Proof of Service

Serving on a File & ServeXpress platform ensures you have a verifiable audit trail of eService recipients and their receipt of documents. 

We use comprehensive read receipts to track when a party looks at the document, receives the email, or even opens the email. This way, everyone stays accountable and you can avoid non-service complaints. 

Flexible Ways to Pay

File & ServeXpress allows for Monthly Billing in addition to the pay-per-transaction model. With Monthly Billing, all of your filing fees and court costs are consolidated into one convenient bill, so you can easily settle an entire month’s worth of filings and fees at one time. 

Monthly Billing also allows for additional payment methods such as check, credit cards unsupported by the court, and more through our payment portal.

Designed to Save You Time

Saving time is easy with our simultaneous eFile and eServe. Send legal documents to the court and all relevant parties through a single transaction. 

Additional time-saving features include drag & drop multi-document upload, autofill document details, and 24 x 7 customer support when issues arise. And at the end of the month, our monthly billing allows you to reconcile easily with transactions grouped by clients and cases.

Additional File & ServeXpress Features


Low Hassle eFiling for
Filings of Any Size

Our eFiling solutions are designed to minimize the actions required for document uploads through automatic PDF conversions and title entry.



Secure, real-time access to all filed and served documents within a case. Search through cases of your own or others across the country with our advanced search tools. 



No need to submit every filing one at a time. Our Batch Filing toolset allows users to file dozens (or hundreds) of cases with a single transaction. Batch file yourself or let us do it for you.

Have a Question? Contact our Client Support at (888) 529-7587