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Getting Started Guides

My Profile

Quick guide to help you set up your FSX profile.

Case Initiation

Subsequent Filing

For Firm Administrators

My Organization Profile

For Law Firms

Document Upload

Custom Document Lists

Batch Document Processor

Case & Party Management

Obtaining Billing Information

For Courts

Judge Review

Clerk Review - Case Initiation

Clerk Review - Subsequent Filing

For CaseFileXpress Filers

Registering to CFX

eFiling New cases

For Landlord Tenant and Small Claims

Filing Into an Existing Criminal Case

eFiling Into Existing Cases

For Landlord Tenant & Small Claims

Filing into an existing probate case


New Case Initiation - For Civil Cases

For Delaware Filers

FSDE - Registration

Law Firm/State Agency Only
Law Firm

FSDE - Organization Administrator

User Guide
Law Firm

FSDE - eFiling & eService Subsequent Filing

User Guide

FSDE - Recommended Scanner Settings

FSDE - eFiling & eService Subsequent Filing

Law Firm

FSDE - User Profile Settings

Law Firm

FSDE - eFiling & eService New Case

User Guide

FSDE - Join Existing Firm/State Agency

Law Firm

FSDE - Registration

Self-Represented User
User Guide

User Profile Settings

User Guide

For Georgia Filers

Filing & Serving

Fulton County State Court Civil Filing

New Case Filing

Fulton County State Court Civil Filing

Firm Administrator

Fulton County State Court Civil Filing

For Illinois Filers

FSIL - Registration

FSIL - Subsequent Filing

FSIL - Administrator

FSIL - New Case Filing

FSIL - User Dashboard

FSIL - Reviewing Filings & Documents

For Texas Filers

FSTX - New Firm Registration

FSTX - New Case Filing

How to report your CLE Hours

FSTX - Firm Administrator

FSTX - Subsequent Filings

FSTX - Transitioning Firm (FSX to FSTX)

FSTX - Service Contacts