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FSX - Basic User

Case Initiations

Filing into an existing case



Law Firm Registration

Firm Administrator Tools

New Case Filings (On-Demand)


eFiling & eService (On-Demand)

eService Only (On-Demand)

Case View


Preferences (On-Demand)

Mailbox (On-Demand)

Tracked Items


Case & Party Management

Alerts (On-Demand)


FSX - California Filers

Locating your case


Review & Submit Filing


Sending Parties/Service Tabs

eServe Only (Discovery)



Advanced Search

Saved & Scheduled Transactions

Transaction Report



Read Status Report

U.S. Mail Services



Preparing to Batch File

Single Filing – Small Claims & Landlord Tenant

Batch Filing – Case Initiation & Subsequent Filing


Filing into an Existing Case

New Case Initiation


File & Serve Delaware

Filing a New Case

Filing in an Existing Case

Self-Represented Litigant Registration


Law Firm Registration

Join an Existing Firm

User Profile


Organization Administrator


File & Serve Illinois

Firm Administrator Training

Subsequent Filing

New Case Filing


Cook County – Managing Service Lists & Inbox

Cook County – How to File a New Case

Cook County – How to File Into an Existing Case


Cook County – How to Spindle a Motion

Madison & DuPage County – eFiling & eService

Madison & DuPage County – eService Only


File & Serve TEXAS

eFiling & eService

New Case Filing

Subsequent Filings